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FLL-MIA Office: +1 954.806.8050
Hong Kong Office: +852.6701.1499

About JMI Aviation & Consulting

  • Safe  &  Efficient  Transportation

    Inspired by the need for fuel providers in challenging locations at reasonable prices, JMI Aviation & Consulting has fostered a culture of ethical business practices and strong client relations. Our teams’ shared vision launches JMI Aviation & Consulting to new heights of customer service and aviation solutions.

    JMI Aviation & Consulting has extensive experience in the aviation industry across various spectrums of fuelling needs, all of which has been driven by the pursuit of excellence and a commitment to delivering reliable and competitive service to our partners and clients.

    Our global presence and strategic partnerships allows us to provide fuel to our customers at many of the worlds most challenging fuelling locations at competitive prices. JMI Aviation & Consulting also holds exclusive reserves at most air force bases around the world and is able to provide favorable terms at these locations.

    Get in touch with one of our representatives to launch your portfolio with JMI Aviation & Consulting and propel your business to higher altitudes!